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University Gifts For Students

University Gifts for Students: 4 Essentials for College Life

Choosing university gifts for students can be a big headache. You don’t want to load ‘em up with more stuff than can fit into a family car, but you’re anxious not to leave out the essentials. However, now you can relax, because the Loose Ends team are here to tell you what the university student…

Your technology social life

Welcome to Your Technology Social Life

What do we mean by your technology social life? Well, it’s your social life, but made better by technology. Modern technology is often blamed for social isolation, but we say it ain’t necessarily so. At Loose Ends we think technology can add a social dimension to all kinds of activities which were traditionally carried out…

Survival Suggestions for PhD Students

4 Sanity and Survival Suggestions for PhD Students

Looking for survival suggestions for PhD students? We’ve got you covered. As any academic will tell you (usually with a wry laugh and a grimace), doing a PhD isn’t at all like doing an undergraduate degree. Yes, you’re officially a student, but you’re a student who must function without the reassuring framework of the taught…

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