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Five Reasons We Think Investors Will Love Loose Ends

Life isn’t about working all hours of the day, or owning the most high-tech smartphone and most glamorous clothes. Spending time with loved ones and building relationships through experiences is just as important, and the Loose Ends app makes this easy and effortless. We’ve built an app that makes it simple for people to get…

Like Facebook? You'll love Loose Ends

Beginner’s Guide to Loose Ends

So you’ve come across the Loose Ends app, but can’t for the life of you figure out what it’s good for – so read on for a beginner’s guide to Loose Ends. Allow us to explain exactly what this clever bit of technology can do for you, and tell you the best way to get…

New technology needs a new etiquette

Got a New Technology? You Need a New Etiquette

Any new technology causes chaos, at least for a while. Think of the motor car: the first real motor vehicles appeared in the early 19th century, and there was an immediate free-for-all on the roads. In the UK, this craziness continued until the Locomotive Acts of the 1860s, which ushered in the beginnings of vehicle…

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