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Valentine's Day Without A Date - Smash it with Loose Ends

Valentine’s Day Without a Date: How to Spend It in London

Valentine’s day without a date is supposed to be bleak and lonely, or so says popular mythology. But we know better than that. If you’ve got Loose Ends on your phone you’re never far away from a great time, even when you’re keen to avoid the lurve on what’s arguably the most nauseating night of…

Your technology social life

Welcome to Your Technology Social Life

What do we mean by your technology social life? Well, it’s your social life, but made better by technology. Modern technology is often blamed for social isolation, but we say it ain’t necessarily so. At Loose Ends we think technology can add a social dimension to all kinds of activities which were traditionally carried out…

The Benefits of Location Independence: Portrait of a Digital Nomad

Nearly two decades into the twenty-first century, increasing numbers of workers are reaping the benefits of location independence. Widespread wireless technology has made it possible for the chronically itchy of foot to ditch the traditional career path and become location rebels, working from almost any destination on the planet. London-based writer Lynn Reynolds tracked down…

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