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The Magic Of Boxing Day

A lot of us wake up on the 25th December expecting a day full of festive fun – unwrapping presents next to the tree, clinking glasses over a mouth-watering meal and spending the afternoon in front of golden Xmas telly. Sometimes though, it can end up a little more hectic than planned! If producing the…

How Much Eating Out Is Too Much?

How Much Eating Out Is Too Much?

How much eating out is too much? That depends. We all know someone with ‘hollow legs’, who’ll happily demolish a multi-course tasting menu at lunchtime, then chirpily enquire about teatime crumpets (with honey and butter, of course) come 4 o’clock.

Go to the cinema with Loose Ends

Go to the Cinema with Loose Ends

Forget Netflix, folks: if you really want to make the most of your movie-watching time, go to the cinema with Loose Ends. We love films as much as it’s possible to love them, and we’re dedicated to helping you find and enjoy the best of global cinema. Autumn and winter are the perfect time for…

Your technology social life

Welcome to Your Technology Social Life

What do we mean by your technology social life? Well, it’s your social life, but made better by technology. Modern technology is often blamed for social isolation, but we say it ain’t necessarily so. At Loose Ends we think technology can add a social dimension to all kinds of activities which were traditionally carried out…

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