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University Gifts For Students

University Gifts for Students: 4 Essentials for College Life

Choosing university gifts for students can be a big headache. You don’t want to load ‘em up with more stuff than can fit into a family car, but you’re anxious not to leave out the essentials.

However, now you can relax, because the Loose Ends team are here to tell you what the university student in your life really needs.

Get it for them, and they’ll love you forever.

Big Spend: Laptop and Printer

You may have gone to university in the days when taking notes involved paper and pen, but that’s as old hat as papyrus to the current generation of students.

Nowadays it’s all about digital, with only the occasional art or design student going retro by working with ye olde tyme materials like paint and canvas. And for the dedicated, academic work can happen anywhere, at any time.

So your contemporary fresher is going to need—at the very least—a lightweight laptop with excellent battery life. Because they’ll be using it to take notes, and to annotate handouts, a hybrid notebook/tablet device is better.

Want to give them the ultimate in useful tech? A printer for their room will make sure they can still print their assignments when the communal printers break down (as they inevitably will) twenty minutes before deadline time.

Medium Spend: Mobile Wi-Fi

Remember freshers’ week? You signed up for several ill-advised clubs, and made a number of lifelong friends (then spent the next six months trying to avoid both the club secretaries and your new bezzie mates when they turned out to be awful).

Twenty-first century students plan it all in advance on Facebook and Snapchat.

If they don’t have access to social media, they’re in social Siberia. Plus there’s the incidental issue of lecture schedules, and the need to log into Moodle every day.

Halls of residence and university accommodation tend to have great Wi-Fi provision, but with private rentals it’s touch and go. It’s an especially big problem in areas where fast broadband is but a childish dream.

So you’ll score a hit when you treat your loved one to a phone sim card with unlimited internet access plus tethering, or go the extra mile and get them a Mi-Fi device.

Small Spend: Apple or Google Play Gift Card

University students need music. They need it to motivate them, to calm them down, as the background to everyday life, and to blot out the noises of antisocial flatmates when they’re trying to pull an all-nighter.

They also need productivity apps. And gaming apps. Both are an important part of university life, if only to provide material for conversation.

Which is why one of the most welcome university gifts for students is a prepaid card to spend in the online store of their choice.

No Spend: Loose Ends App

Sending young people off into the world with nothing but an earful of wise advice is a time-honoured tradition.

The Spartans did it with their offspring, and the sterling chaps who built the British empire sensibly followed suit.

So if you’ve no spare cash to spend on university gifts for students, don’t despair.

Before you push them out the door for the last time, remind your student youngster to download the Loose Ends app. They’ll be able to use it to keep in touch with their friends at home, and to meet up with the new university contacts they’ve already made on Facebook.

You know they’ll thank you for it later.

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