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The Baglioni Hotel SW7: Devine rich and superior

The Brunello restaurant is decorated like a jewellery box, all graceful, black Murano glass and pale gold silk and brocade.  I loved it immediately. The effusive Italian staff are very welcoming and before we knew it we had two glasses of Prosecco in front of us.

The first course, was, of course, a pasta course. Handmade tagliatelle with truffle shavings and a buttery truffle cream. It smelled intoxicating before I even got a forkful to my mouth, and tasted divine; not too rich, but flavoursome and intense. Our sommelier paired it with an absolutely delicious Tuffo Gavi di Gavi from Piedmont, a Morgassi Superiore.  It was incredibly smooth and I loved it, despite rarely drinking white wine.

After I’d practically licked the plate clean, we were offered a robust red to go with the main course, an Anna Maria Abbona Maioli, Dogliani DOCG.

The Baglioni Hotel – 160 Hyde Park Gate, Kensington, London SW7 5BB – 020 7368 5700

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