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The Best Healthy Restaurants in Britain: Our Favourite Nine


Can you believe it? That big fiery ball in the sky is still hanging around.

Most years we get one gorgeous week to pack out parks, pebble beaches and outdoor pools.

But this summer we’ve got a lot more time to enjoy the beautiful weather.

And what better way to pass the evenings than over dinner with friends?

But with this heat, the last thing you want is a greasy, salty meal that leaves you feeling bloated and uncomfortable.

What you need is something a bit better for you.

Here are nine of the best healthy restaurants in Britain — perfect spots for a catch up with friends.


Mildreds (London)


Vegetarian and vegan diners living in the capital will probably already know Mildreds.

The famous meat-free eatery first opened in a former Soho “adult” club in the late 1980s.

But the wild success of the restaurant has seen them open three more in Camden, Kings Cross and Dalston.

They all offer delicious healthy meals including a mock chicken katsu curry and a vitamin-packed soul bowl salad.

You will also find freshly squeezed organic juices — the perfect cooler on a sweltering day.



Foodilic (London and Brighton)


London and Brighton could both argue they are the health food centre of the UK.

The cities are equally packed with wonderful eateries that claim to slim your waistline rather than expand it.

Foodilic, the brainchild of chef Peter Ilic, has a foot in both camps.

The health food heroes have four restaurants (two in each city) and serve up nutritious and delicious salads and mains.

Once you’ve finished your delectable dinner you can opt for a raw vegan dessert such as raw mango cheesecake or chocolate brownie.


Cliffs (Margate)


The other restaurants on our list have made it thanks to the healthy meals they serve up.

But Cliffs in Margate is on here for a different reason.

The inventive eatery is looking to improve its customers’ all-round health by offering yoga and pilates classes.

Diners can get those yoga pants on, work up a sweat and then sit down for a delicious meal.

Food includes a watermelon, goats cheese and quinoa salad, a perfect post-workout pick-me-up.


Food For Friends (Brighton)


If you’re thinking about following the sun worshippers to Brighton, stop by the award-winning Food For Friends.

The vegetarian eatery serves visually stunning meals created with the freshest ingredients available.

Plates such as the Middle Eastern Salad (sweet potato, pomegranate, green beans and more) will give you the energy boost you’ll need to muscle your way through the beach crowds.

Be warned, if you’re looking to go on a full health kick, the desserts might be too much temptation.

Has anyone ever said no to a raw berry almond and cashew cheesecake? We doubt it.



Primrose Natural Foods and Juice Bar (Chelmsford)


If you’re looking to harness the power of food, we can’t think of many places better than Primrose.

The health food store is an incredible place to pick up a takeaway salad box for a meal in the sun.

Or you could enjoy a cleansing juice to detox your body and mind.

The menu has been curated by a nutritionist and food is freshly made each day, so you know you’re getting a shot of health.


Greens (Didsbury)


Greens is the baby of TV chef and Sunday Brunch host Simon Rimmer.

In fact, it was his first baby.

Nearly 30 years since he launched it, Greens has stuck to its original ideals: delicious food made from the freshest ingredients.

It may be a vegetarian restaurant but it’s one that everyone will love – meat eaters and veggies alike.

The menu has been described as “magpie cuisine” with Rimmer stealing the best bits from styles across the world.

The soba noodle salad and red lentil loaf are definitely going to be a hit for those looking for healthy options.

A selection of vegan ice creams are available for dessert if you need something to cool you down.


HIIT Kitchen (St Albans)


Nutritious and delicious, HIIT Kitchen has pedigree when it comes to healthy food.

Co-founder Kris Tyrell is an established personal trainer and brings his extensive knowledge to the table.

The other co-founder, Rob Ashman, is equally healthy thanks to a love for skiing and cycling.

But, quite apart from knowing which foods are best for you, the pair also serve great meals.

Their waist-friendly menu includes nutritious meals, protein shakes, fresh juices, coffee and more


Judy’s On Cherry (Reading)


The award-winning Judy’s On Cherry is the place to go if you find yourself in Berkshire with friends.

Sit under stunning vaulted wooden ceilings and try out their delicious Mediterranean-inspired dishes.

Like many of the restaurants on this list, not everything on the menu is health food.

But Judy’s makes it thanks to their exciting salad options, including a dish called Kale Crosses the Border (shaved kale, Mexican black beans and shredded chicken).


Banyan Bar & Kitchen (Leeds, York and Manchester)


Hands up, not everything on the Banyan menu is good for you.

Your personal trainer will definitely not recommend a post-workout salted caramel torte.

But, being the considerate people they are, Banyan has dedicated a whole section of their new menu to powerbowls and salads.

You’ll find meals such as the “yoga bowl”, “revitalise powerbowl” and a “bang bang chicken salad”.

The Banyan chain is scattered across Yorkshire with restaurants in Harrogate, Leeds, York and Horsforth.

There is also a restaurant in Manchester. Let’s hope we see more popping up across the North and further south soon.


The Best Healthy Restaurants In Britain: A Round-Up


Calling a dish “health food” used to be a bit of an insult. It was basically a synonym for bland.

But these nine eateries have gone against the grain and show just how much can be done without excessive salt or fat.

So next time you meet up with friends, consider spending some quality time over a healthy meal.


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