Sosharu EC1: Izakaya-style restaurant

‘Drink Sake, Stay Soba’, proclaims the neon sign in the cocktail bar in the basement of Sosharu, superchef Jason Atherton’s latest venture. And so my friend and I do, starting off one of the most delicious meals I’ve had recently with a small glass of Jozen Mizunogoteshi [£11].

Standouts include the sea bream sashimi [£11.50], slices of delicate, translucent fish wrapped around crunchy slivers of potato on a bed of daikon; broccoli tempura [£5], which looks like it’s wearing a shaggy coat due to the thick layer of grated parmesan which envelops it, and provides a delicious umami hit; and the unbearably pretty – and monstrously tasty – chashu pork belly [£16].


Sosharu – 64 Turnmill St, London EC1M 5RR – 020 3805 2304

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