Five Reasons We Think Investors Will Love Loose Ends

Life isn’t about working all hours of the day, or owning the most high-tech smartphone and most glamorous clothes. Spending time with loved ones and building relationships through experiences is just as important, and the Loose Ends app makes this easy and effortless.

We’ve built an app that makes it simple for people to get together and make great memories.

Whether you’re a man with a plan, or seeking inspiration for what to do with your mates, you’ll always find something that inspires your evening out.

We want to leave our mark on the leisure industry by creating an app that is accessible and used by an enormous audience. To do this, we need investors who believe in our business model to help push us as far as we can go.

We’ve already got a lot of skin in the game, so you can see that we believe in this idea.

Here’s just a few reasons why we think investors will love Loose Ends

Small achievements = big revenue

We’re targeting a market worth billions of pounds. This means even small achievements could result in big revenue.

The UK leisure market is worth £110 billion per annum, and Loose Ends aspires to grab a slice of that pie.

Loose Ends has established a model that is based on a per-transaction basis. Revenue will stem from commissions on transactions, such as restaurant reservations and ticket sales. We will also introduce user-targeted advertising in the near future, and eventually offer services to professionals.

A clear plan and path for growth

Loose Ends has a clear path for growth. We’ll devote the lion’s share of the money we raise on Crowdcube to marketing, getting the app in front of as many people as possible.

We’re spread across many social media platforms, and investment will be used to create great content that speaks to the Loose Ends community.

Loose Ends is hard-wired with virality potential. Whether it is a user-created Loose End, an offer, or a venue discovered through our Inspire section, users will want to spread the word about what they are up to, and with it the value of the app.

An opportunity to be there from the start

We’re at the beginning of our journey into the “real world” which means that our investors, should they wish to, can provide help at a more personal level and play a more integral part in the development of our operations.

Loose Ends wants to work closely with its investors – we want your insights and knowledge, as well as your confidence in our journey, to help shape us into one of the most popular social events platforms in the UK.

Build meaningful relationships

We think that crowdfunding provides plenty of opportunity for meaningful, professional relationships to develop.

Crowdfunding Investors tend to have the opportunity to have direct contact with company directors. These directors will be keen to educate investors on the ins and outs of their business, and are likely to be more open to contributions and ideas.

We hope our new investors will build professional relationships with our CEO. They will also have opportunities to connect with partners that have joined the Loose Ends community.

Motivation will never run dry

Entrepreneurs work hard – you won’t encounter motivation dips while you’re working alongside a person who is passionate about what they are creating.

Motivation can push a business to grow and develop at a faster rate, meaning quicker returns for dedicated investors.

The team at Loose Ends have a thirst for knowledge and a strong desire for personal growth.

We want to provide users with a high-quality app and lead our team of investors and partners to economic and personal success.

What’s next?

Loose Ends is looking for passionate and dedicated investors to be involved in our campaign.

We would love to hear from you.

Please visit our Crowdcube profile:

Or, you can email the CEO personally: [email protected]


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