Using Loose Ends In Ways You Wouldn’t Expect

You probably already know that Loose Ends provides a quick and effortless way to organise a night out with your friends.

Often this involves going out for a bite to eat or for a couple of drinks at the pub, but Loose Ends has so many more uses!

Whether you’re planning a trip to see the latest chick flick, organising a footie match or trying to find a gym buddy, Loose Ends can be used for anything, anywhere, to meet up with your friends (and even make new ones).

We hope today’s post will inspire you to use Loose Ends for all sorts of occasions to make organising your social life quick and effortless.


Loose Ends makes organising meetups with your mates easier

Organise a movie night with ease

Did you know that Loose Ends has cinema listings?

If you want to see a film, but aren’t sure where and when, the Loose Ends app can give you a helping hand.

You can use the app in two different ways:

  1. Start with the film, then check when it’s showing near you
  2. Start with your favourite cinema and find out what they’re showing

Whether you’re set on seeing the newest blockbuster, or love how comfy those chairs are at that particular cinema, Loose Ends can help you organise the perfect movie night with your mates.

Use Loose Ends to organise a trip to the cinema with your mates

Pop to the gym

“Those who train together, stay together.”

Whether you and your partner like to hit the gym for a date night, or the yoga classes are your favourite weekend activity to enjoy with your friends, it’s always fun to work out with someone else.

Use Loose Ends to find yourself a gym buddy

Maybe you’ve got an extended lunch break and fancy heading to the gym with a work colleague? Use Loose Ends to find out who else in the office is up for it.

Seeing others’ gym-related Loose Ends might also help motivate you to go – you’ll probably feel more inclined to work out on a Monday morning if your best mate is also planning to!


Brighten up your Boxing Day morning

Most of us end up going home for the Christmas holidays – good grub, free booze and maybe some funny presents too.

Once the Christmas Day celebrations are over, we’re often left lounging around on an empty Boxing Day.

Instead of feeling bored, why not use Loose Ends to find out which of your home friends are also back for the holidays?

You can use the Inspire tab on the app to see if any new places have opened up since you were last home.

Use Loose Ends to find out who's around on Boxing Day

Organise a footie game

Organising a match through chat or email can often feel chaotic, as the chat switches backwards and forwards from the game to TV to last night’s antics.

Instead of relying on a group message, set up a Loose End with the time and place, and send it to your squad. Use the Loose Ends messaging service to focus the chat on team talk.

Loose Ends will build up your availability list on the ‘Going’ tab.

What if you’re not all friends through Loose Ends? No problem – create a group and invite all your players.

Use Loose Ends to organise a footie match

Redeem your night after being stood up

You’re all dressed up and ready for the night to begin when you get a text from your date to say that they’re not coming any more. What do you do now?

Instead of going home and gorging on ice cream, whip out the app and set up a Be Here Now – a Loose End that starts at that moment, right where you are.

Maybe someone else is in the same boat, or they’re in the area and fancy a catch up.

You never know – you might end up having a better night anyway!

Use Loose Ends to redeem your night after being stood up

Whether it’s to salvage a failed date night or organise a friendly football match, Loose Ends can be used for pretty much every social occasion.

The app is available to download on the App Store and Google Play.

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