Use Loose Ends to keep in touch with family and friends

Junior Doctor Ian Lin Uses Loose Ends to Connect with Friends and Family at Home and Overseas

If anyone knows the value of free time, it’s Ian Lin. A junior doctor currently working on a busy medical ward at Singapore general Hospital, Ian starts work at 6.30 am and carries out regular on-call duties.

A packed schedule

This packed schedule takes its toll on his social life, especially as medicine isn’t a job you can leave at the office door.

After a busy night on call, or a tough day making life-changing decisions, Ian sometimes finds he doesn’t have enough energy or enthusiasm to join in with planned social events.

Spontaneous get-togethers at short notice

That’s where Loose Ends comes in.

The app makes it simple to set up spontaneous get-togethers at short notice.

And on those occasions when he’s not too tired to party, Ian can easily see what his friends have planned and let them know he wants to join in.

“At the moment the app doesn’t show locations or listings for Singapore,” says Ian, “But that’s not a real problem because it’s so easy to create my own Loose Ends”.

Keeping in touch with friends in other countries

Ian also uses the app to keep in touch with friends in a number of other countries.

He’s originally from Singapore, but studied medicine in Glasgow and Queensland before returning home to start working, and met a lot of like-minded people during his time away.

Like other recent graduates who’ve been international students, Ian uses Facebook to stay in touch with his overseas pals.

Whenever he does breeze into town for a couple of days, they use Loose Ends to meet up and share a meal, a drink, a film, or even just a coffee – just like old times. 

Demanding professional lives

Planning family occasions can be tricky for the Lin family, as Ian isn’t the only doctor in the household.

His father Raymond and his mother Kee Siew are both busy hospital consultants with demanding professional lives.

Having doctors for parents has given Ian an accurate glimpse of the shape of things to come, and it hasn’t dampened his enthusiasm for medicine.

In the future he plans to specialise in anaesthetics, which means many more long shifts and unpredictable working hours.

So it’s a good thing he’s already well-versed in organising his social life through technology.

Planning family occasions

When their diaries are particularly packed and it’s tough to spend time in person, the Lins tend to keep in touch via Facebook.

Because your Loose Ends contacts are drawn from your Facebook friends, we think it’s only a matter of time before ultra-busy families like Ian’s start to use the app to schedule family time.

But for now we’re pleased as punch to be helping hard-working doctors like Ian have a rewarding professional life and keep up with his social circle.

It makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

How are you using Loose Ends? Enquiring minds want to know. Drop us a line using [email protected] or send us a tweet, and we may even feature you as one of our case studies.

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