How technology can make your life better

5 Ways Technology Can Make Your Life Better

Digital detox? No thanks. We at Loose Ends say technology can make your life better.

Here’s how to reap five benefits you may not have thought of.

  1. Make some space

Cloud computing has crept up on us all over the last couple of years, taking what used to be on your hard drive and running it all over the internet instead. But the cloud isn’t only about freeing up space on your computer, tablet or phone.

It’s getting easier and easier to digitise papers, music and books, and to store the digital files in the cloud. This means you can finally create the minimalist, junk-free interior you always wanted without actually living the life of a Zen monk.

  1. Go back to your roots

If you’ve ever wondered where you really come from, now you can find out by taking part in National Geographic’s Genographic Project.

Innovations in data processing technology enable the project team to trace your ancestry way back through many generations, just by analysing a swab of your cheek cells.

By taking part in the project, you can even find out if you had any Neanderthal ancestors. If that doesn’t count as a case of technology making your life better, we don’t know what does.

  1. Upgrade your skills

Necessity dictates that you spend your days heading towards retirement on a steady, predictable career trajectory.  But after you clock off, technology can help you acquire the skills to excel at your fantasy profession.

Always wanted to know the ins and outs (as it were) of kidney transplantation? Just take an online course from the University of Leiden.

Been binge-watching Amazon’s Mr Robot and yearn to bring down the global banking system? You’re out of luck, but you can learn the basics of ethical hacking online and for free.

  1. Grab a cheap flight

When you fancy a change of scene but all you hear is the sound of small change rattling round your piggybank, you know you need a way of finding the cheapest travel deals.

Now technology can make your life better by netting you one of the numerous discounted fares which aren’t normally displayed by online booking systems, saving you up to 90% of the normal ticket price.

Skypicker, a start-up based in the Czech republic, offers an app which analyses flight data to find the very cheapest air fares on your preferred route.

Bag one of those deals and that’s all the more spare change for you to spend on enriching cultural pursuits. Or on large measures of cheap alcohol (your choice – we couldn’t possibly comment).

  1. See more of your friends

It’s a sad fact of life as a grown-up that you don’t get to see enough of your friends.

You’re busy. They’re busy.

It’s really difficult to find a time when you’re all free and not exhausted from learning to transplant kidneys, or digitising your collection of rare grooves.

But help is at hand, because with Loose Ends on your smartphone you have everything you need to turn a spare couple of hours into a life-enhancing meet up.

Just download the app, set up your own loose end (or tag along with one that’s already been created), and voila – technology has made your life better in a couple of taps.


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