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Goodman's Field - Interior With Blue Tiles

Goodman’s Field, E1: Something For Everyone

By Lynn Reynolds, writer: longtime EastEnder, sometime Bermondseyite.

It’s ironic that in my part of the east end of London, fish and chips is so hard to find. That’s why I’m glad that Goodman’s Field, my local (and newly refurbished) JD Wetherspoon’s pub, does such a reliably satisfying version.

Fish is always a thick, juicy cod fillet enrobed in light, crisp batter. Chips are fat and crisp with fluffy centres, and the whole thing comes with a side of mushy (or, heaven forbid, fresh) peas.

Best of all, you can order without going anywhere near the bar. Download the JDW ‘Order and Pay’ app, and you can conduct the whole show from the comfort of your seat.

The selection of beers at Goodman’s Field is impressive. I like lager, either Brooklyn craft or good old Kronenbourg, but ‘im indoors is partial to a drop of real ale, and at Goodman’s Field his itch does not go unscratched.

On our most recent outing he enjoyed a Kentish aperitif of Gadds’ No 5 Ruby Coloured Best Bitter, followed by Brazilian Burton Pale Ale. Interestingly, the Brazilian beer is brewed exclusively for Wetherspoon by Paolo & Samuel Cavalcanti, who’ve apparently swapped their native Curitiba for the delights of Wolverhampton.

That’s typical Wetherspoon’s for you – there’s something for everyone, from the everyday to the exotic.

Goodman’s Field – 87-97 Mansell Street, London, E1 8AN – 020 7680 2850

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