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My Old Place northern Chinese restaurant

My Old Place, E1: Hearty Northern Chinese

By Peng Hui Lee, Eastender in more ways than one (east end of London, east end of the planet).

My Old Place is a busy, bustling restaurant close to Liverpool Street, serving food from northern China. It’s totally different from your usual Chinese takeaway.

The dishes are highly seasoned, often spicy (with chilli), and they’re delicious. There’s offal for those that like it, and lamb as well.

In addition to rice and noodles, you can have Chinese mantou buns with your food. The menu is large, so if you’re feeling unadventurous, you’ll find something suitable too.

Service is brisk but friendly. The portions are enormous, but if you can’t finish your meal, just ask the staff to pack it up, and take it home to have on another occasion.

That’s exactly how they do things in northern China.

My Old Place – 88-90 Middlesex Street, London E1 7EZ – 020 7247 2200

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