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Simit Sarayi - picture of su borek and Turkish tea

Simit Sarayi, W1: Breakfast, Turkish Style

By Lynn Reynolds, writer: longtime EastEnder, sometime Bermondseyite.

Simit Sarayi (‘Simit Palace’) brings a taste of metropolitan Turkish life to London. Which is a very good thing indeed, because metropolitan Turkish life tastes amazing.

Simit Sarayi specialise in baked goods, including the eponymous simit, a sesame seed-encrusted circular bread often (inaccurately) called the ‘Turkish bagel’.

If you were in Istanbul right now you’d be able to stop a street vendor to buy one. Or better yet, you could drop by one of the Turkish branches of this impeccable chain.

But I digress. Naturally I love a simit, but I’m really stuck on the dish shown in the picture: su borek, a layered savoury pastry where the bottom layers are soft and pasta-like, but the top ones have a satisfying crispiness.

And nothing complements su borek like Turkish tea served in a traditional tulip-shaped glass. That’s breakfast, Turkish style.


Simit Sarayi – Unit G12, West One Shopping Centre, 381 Oxford Street London W1C 2JS

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