Smaka, E1: Bottomless Pancake Brunch

By Lynn Reynolds, writer: longtime EastEnder, sometime Bermondseyite.

Yes. Swedish restaurant Smaka (‘Taste’) offers a bottomless pancake brunch every weekend. Pancake day is not long behind us, so I feel moved to mention this incredible innovation, even though (how? Why?) I decided not to partake.

We (that is, ‘im indoors and I) went for the Swedish sharing platter, and awfully nice it was, too. Two kinds of salmon (smoked and gravalax) plus slices of fat, sweet-cured herring were accessorised with hardboiled egg, new potatoes, crispbread, rye bread, quark and dill sauce. Phew!

Coffee is by the impeccable Scandinavian brand Löfbergs, and as ‘im indoors pointed out, you can get Swedish beer at English prices. He had only good things to say about his Nils Oscar IPA.

Needless to say, we have plans to return. Pancake day is a moveable feast, after all.

Smaka – 77 Alie Street, London E1 8NH – 020 3358 0317

Find Smaka on Loose Ends

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