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The Jugged Hare - Beautifully Presented Seagull's Eggs

The Jugged Hare, EC1: Meat, Fish, Game

By Peng Hui Lee, Eastender in more ways than one (east end of London, east end of the planet)

The stuffed birds and furry animals mounted on the walls and displayed in glass cases give the visitor a pretty good idea of the sort of thing to be found on the menu at The Jugged Hare.

There’s a strong emphasis on meat, wild fish and shellfish, and game. If you’ve ever wanted to try Jugged Hare, they serve that too.

Daily specials can be quite unusual. I’ve had hand-caught (i.e. caught with bare hands) salmon from Scotland, and, as shown in the picture, beautifully presented seagull eggs.

The cooking at The Jugged Hare is excellent, the wine list comprehensive, and it’s worth noting that it’s just next to the Barbican.

The Jugged Hare – 49 Chiswell Street, London EC1Y 4SA – 020 7614 0134

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