Go to the cinema with Loose Ends

Go to the Cinema with Loose Ends

Forget Netflix, folks: if you really want to make the most of your movie-watching time, go to the cinema with Loose Ends.

We love films as much as it’s possible to love them, and we’re dedicated to helping you find and enjoy the best of global cinema.

Autumn and winter are the perfect time for film, so here’s our pick of indispensable websites and apps for movie buffs.

BFI Player

BFI Player from the British Film Institute is a must-see for all UK-based film fans. It brings some of the most intriguing and cosmopolitan cinema to your laptop or smart TV.

It’s the closest thing to a one-stop movie shop we’ve ever seen online.

You can catch up with classics like The Lady Vanishes from 1938, then round off your evening with 2015 release Eye in the Sky, starring Alan Rickman in his final role.

One of the most fascinating aspects of BFI Player is its Britain on Film collection, a searchable archive of films documenting 20th century life in the UK.

Watch Canal Bargee, a snapshot of life aboard a horse-drawn narrowboat in 1966, or marvel at Cotton Come Back, a 1946 film arguing for the renaissance of the Lancashire cotton industry.

BFI Player operates on a pay-per-view basis, although many of its films are available for free, including those in the Britain on Film collection.

Binge-watchers like us can subscribe to BFI Player +, a service which allows you to watch as much as you like for a single monthly subscription.


If you prefer your entertainment on the big screen, and can’t resist a beverage or two while you’re at it, RunPee is for you.

Developed with a cinema-friendly dark background theme, RunPee is a free app which lets you know when to go and take care of essential bladder business without missing any critical on-screen action.

We especially like the fact that RunPee will alert you if there’s anything worth seeing after the credits, so no more watching the end of the film when you’re halfway to the exit.

The only thing we don’t like about RunPee is the annoying ads, but it’s got to make money somehow, so… tant pis.

Kermode and Mayo’s Film Review Podcast

Less of a broadcast and more of a film-based social network, Kermode and Mayo’s weekly podcast will delight you if you’re already erudite, and will quickly elevate the casual film-watcher to the level of an expert.

To say that this is a film review podcast is like describing Sir Ben Ainslie as someone who messes about in boats. Even if you never go to the cinema, it’s a listening treat.

Be prepared for plenty of bickering (and the occasional rant) as Kermode’s trenchant opinions clash with those of fellow presenter Simon Mayo, and sometimes with those of the listeners, too.

The show also features amusing, opinionated, and unusually probing interviews (during one of which Kermode tries to convince Steven Spielberg that his film Jaws isn’t really about a man-eating shark).

Go to the cinema with Loose Ends app

We bet you didn’t know Loose Ends was a cinema-going essential.

But it certainly is, because the app was developed by film fanatics, and we want to help you (fanatic or not) enjoy your cinema-going experience to the max.

Here’s how it works.

Every time you set up a loose end involving a trip to the movies, the app will serve you a list of the cinemas in your area. From this list, you’ll be able to see what’s showing and at what time.

So whether you’re out to see Sausage Party or the director’s cut of Betty Blue, when you go to the cinema with Loose Ends you’ve got everything you need, quite literally at your fingertips.

Have a great time.

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