How Much Eating Out Is Too Much?

How Much Eating Out Is Too Much?

How much eating out is too much? That depends.

We all know someone with ‘hollow legs’, who’ll happily demolish a multi-course tasting menu at lunchtime, then chirpily enquire about teatime crumpets (with honey and butter, of course) come 4 o’clock.

It’s Not About Health

Well, it is for some of us. We’re not all blessed with the sort of iron constitution described above.

In which case, answering the question ‘How much eating out is too much?’ is as simple as saying, ‘When I start to feel chronically queasy’.

But there are annoying people who, if they ever do put on excess weight, seem to lose it magically after skipping a side dish or two.

Then the issue becomes a bit more complicated.

It’s Not Always About Wealth

Quite often, your bank balance is the first thing to let you know you’ve been eating out too much.

When you dip into your piggybank for a midweek sub and find only Soviet-era roubles and chocolate euros, you know you’ve got to tighten your belt (if it will still tighten, that is).

But if you eat out regularly as part—or all—of your work, budgetary constraints don’t really apply.

In his autobiography The Man Who Ate the World, food critic Jay Rayner exhibits only mild anxiety about his heavyweight expense account.

When it comes to health matters he’s even less concerned, opting to continue with a tour of the world’s best restaurants despite evidence of impending type 2 diabetes.

So it’s a good thing we’re here to save you, when your waistline and credit card obviously won’t.

That’s why we’ve put together this cut-out-and-keep guide to help you decide when you’ve had too much of a good thing.

You know you’ve been eating out too much when…

  • Your mum offers you beans on toast, and you ask her whether they’re Boston or Pinto.
  • You’re outraged that the people at Pot Noodle don’t include timings for cooking Bombay Bad Boy al dente.
  • You demand to see the manager at Asda because you absolutely must know the provenance of their Quorn.
  • You carry your very own tube of umami paste about your person. At all times.
  • Your lunchtime cheese sarnie doesn’t seem the same without just a smidgeon of ‘nduja.
  • You casually refer to minced meat as ‘keema’, not ‘mince’.
  • Babette’s Feast starts to seem like a light snack.

How Much Eating Out Is Too Much, Really?

For some of us, too much eating out means more than once a month. For others, every meal would ideally come with a Michelin star.

But what we do know is that eating out is about more than just culinary wizardry; it’s about the company you keep.

That’s why you should download the Loose Ends app, and use it to connect with your friends on Facebook.

With the right mealtime company only a tap away, you might find that no amount of eating out feels like too much.

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