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how to be more spontaneous

How to be More Spontaneous – Your Quick Start Guide

You might not think the biggest issue here is how to be more spontaneous, but rather whether to be more spontaneous.

It’s a no-brainer, though.

Of course you need to be more spontaneous. Just think about it.

So much of our lives is planned down to the last minute, and even years in advance. Yet it’s usually those unexpected moments which stay in our memories for years to come.

Remember that delicious slow-cooked lamb you ate with your fingers on a starlit night in Cataluña? How about the last-minute pub gig that turned a rainy Thursday into the most euphoric evening of the year?

Planning certainly has its place in life, but it’s spontaneity which truly plops the cherry on top. So if you’re wondering how to be more spontaneous, hold it right there, and don’t move a muscle until you’ve read our handy guide.

Listen to your still, small, inner voice

In the interests of accuracy, let us state up front that your still, small, inner voice may not be an actual voice.

It’s quite likely to be a vague internal stirring easily confused with the aftermath of a heavy lunch. That’s why you need to practice tuning into it before you can work out what it’s telling you.

When you do, though, you’ll be tuning into something much more meaningful than indigestion. You’ll be tapping into the sum of your experiences to date, and you’ll be doing it in a blink.

Leave things to chance

Notorious-in-its-day 1971 novel The Dice Man shows what can happen when a buttoned-up professional finds a radical way to be more spontaneous. The book’s main character, a successful psychiatrist, suddenly starts living his life according to frequent rolls of the dice.

If you have trouble tuning into your inner voice, you could follow the example of the dice man. But before you embrace dice living too enthusiastically, we advise you to read the book to find out what the drawbacks can be.

Hang out with spontaneous people

There’s a factoid doing the rounds online which states that you’re the behavioural average of your five closest friends. This probably isn’t altogether true, but evidence from social psychology does suggest that humans are prone to social conformity.

We don’t think this is something to fret about: it’s something to use. If you become more like the company you keep, it follows that hanging out with spontaneous people will help you be more spontaneous.

Take an improv class

Still struggling with the issue of how to be more spontaneous?

The hallmark of the truly un-spontaneous person is the need to receive training before trying anything new. If this is you, don’t despair.

You can train yourself to be more spontaneous by taking classes in improvisation. Seriously.

Taking an improv class will probably be the most petrifying thing you’ve ever done. But it will help you get substantially better at thinking on your feet, and improve your ability to engage in snappy repartee.

How to be more spontaneous – the easy option

If the above suggestions seem too much like hard work to you, we have a simple, fast solution. You can be more spontaneous in under ten minutes by downloading the Loose Ends app, connecting with your friends, and creating your very first loose end.

We told you it was a quick start guide, didn’t we?


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