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Winter Sports To Try In London – Our Top Picks

Feeling inspired by the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang? Get up from your sofa and give what you’ve seen on TV a go without leaving the confines of capital. There are plenty of winter sports to try in London – these are our top picks:



The British teams might have just missed out on medals but yet again the curling proved to be one of the highlights of the games.

If you want to take part in the alpine action without exerting too much energy, head to Queens in Queensway, which has eight real ice curling lanes, each for a group of up to eight people.

Get competitive under the giant disco ball and lights, with coaches on hand to offer advice and stop any squabbling over scores.

Curling is one of our top winter sports to try in London

Already proving one of the most popular winter sports to try in London, there may well be a bit of wait for a lane – but you can spend that time watching the action from the bespoke curling café or visiting cult burger bar MeatLiquor, housed in the same venue.

And while it might not be as cold as South Korea (thank goodness for heat lamps) it can get chilly waiting for your next turn so it’s best to wear warmer clothes than you might for a normal night out.



Southampton’s Billy Morgan wowed the crowds in Pyeongchang to bag himself an Olympic bronze – and left viewers back home wondering whether they’ve got what it takes to become a slopes sensation.

While it might take a while to get to Big Air level, a day out on the snow is a great place to start and one of the most exhilarating winter sports to try in London.

London’s closest indoor ski slope is The Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead (30 minutes from London Euston) and although it’s just outside the capital it’s certainly worth the trip.

If you’re a beginner then why not join in with a ski or snowboarding class on the UK’s largest indoor lesson slope, or if you’re already competent then challenge yourself on the 160m main slope. Once you’re confident, there’s also the opportunity to practice your tricks in the centre’s freestyle parks on dates.

Try your hand at skiing or snowboarding

A day on the slopes can really work up an appetite, so head to the alpine-themed restaurant The Lodge to enjoy an authentic après ski atmosphere before your journey home.

If you don’t want to leave the confines of London, there’s still plenty of places in the capital to brush up on your technique before heading out into the mountains. Chel-ski, London’s largest ski-centre, is the perfect place to practice, with one-to-one sessions also available if you want to show off as soon as you get to the slopes.


Ice skating

The fact a 15-year-old won a figure skating gold medal at the games might leave you reflecting on what you’ve really achieved in life – but instead of being jealous of Alina Zagitova, let her be the inspiration you need.

Yes, it might be a few years before you’re headhunted for Dancing On Ice but learning to skate has to start somewhere – and there are lots of places in London perfect for people of all abilities.

Ice skating is one of the most accessible (and cheaper) winter sports to try in London, so head to Lee Valley Ice Centre for public skating or lessons. For a bit more fun why not get a ticket to Alexandra Palace’s weekly Ice Disco which takes place every Friday and Saturday night. Get your skates on to the sounds of the latest pop hits, mixed by the venue’s resident DJ.

Get your skates on this winter!

Cross-country skiing

There’s one small issue about cross-country skiing in London – a lack of snow that stays solid long enough for your skis to glide across. Don’t let that one minor detail put you off though – London is home to a number of ‘roller-skiing’ clubs and sessions which are the next best thing.

The sport, which uses skis with wheels on the end, is a great full body workout and was even used by the British army to build up endurance. Courses take place in various locations across the capital, with rollerski.co.uk running five-week sessions in Hyde Park and Victoria Park.


Winter Sports To Try In London

Have we inspired you to do something a bit different this spring? You might not be ready for Beijing 2020 but there are so many winter sports to try in London that there’s a chance you’ll pick up an exhilarating new hobby which will liven up your weekends.

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