At first glance, the bright, green and white entrance, counter brimming with glossy-looking ingredients and chiller cabinet full of detox drinks place Squirrel firmly in the same category as similar healthy lunch spots Tossed, Crussh, or Leon.

‘Mains’ – a range of salads devised by nutritionists, portions are incredibly generous, ingredients are high quality, and what’s not to love about getting your lunch in a dish shaped like an acorn?

Guac ‘n’ Roll [£7.95] is a moreish, Mexican-flavoured mix of brown rice, shredded chicken, chunks of avo, tomatoes, black beans and tortilla chips, while the Prawn Star salad [£7.95] is a citrusy hit of huge, fresh prawns. I leave feeling virtuous, full, but not bloated; this squirrel is the nuts!

Squirrel – 11 Harrington Rd, Kensington, London SW7 3ES – 020 7589 9333

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