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The Magic Of Boxing Day

A lot of us wake up on the 25th December expecting a day full of festive fun – unwrapping presents next to the tree, clinking glasses over a mouth-watering meal and spending the afternoon in front of golden Xmas telly. Sometimes though, it can end up a little more hectic than planned! If producing the…

Like Facebook? You'll love Loose Ends

Beginner’s Guide to Loose Ends

So you’ve come across the Loose Ends app, but can’t for the life of you figure out what it’s good for – so read on for a beginner’s guide to Loose Ends. Allow us to explain exactly what this clever bit of technology can do for you, and tell you the best way to get…

Valentine's Day Without A Date - Smash it with Loose Ends

Valentine’s Day Without a Date: How to Spend It in London

Valentine’s day without a date is supposed to be bleak and lonely, or so says popular mythology. But we know better than that. If you’ve got Loose Ends on your phone you’re never far away from a great time, even when you’re keen to avoid the lurve on what’s arguably the most nauseating night of…

Survival Suggestions for PhD Students

4 Sanity and Survival Suggestions for PhD Students

Looking for survival suggestions for PhD students? We’ve got you covered. As any academic will tell you (usually with a wry laugh and a grimace), doing a PhD isn’t at all like doing an undergraduate degree. Yes, you’re officially a student, but you’re a student who must function without the reassuring framework of the taught…

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