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Hidden Gems In The UK: How To Escape The Tourists This Summer

Love exploring new cities but hate the hordes of tourists? Looking for some hidden gems in the UK to explore this summer? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Nothing ruins your Instagram feed like a group of selfie sticks in the way of your perfect #citybreak shot. If you’re looking for local favourites that…

Cool yourself down this summer with a trip to one of the UK's top outdoor swimming pools

Outdoor Swimming Pools Across The UK – Our Top Spots

Last month’s mini heatwave might only have lasted a couple of days but it definitely had us reaching for our sunglasses and swimming costumes. While it might be a while before the temperatures start soaring again, we’ve been doing our research so we know exactly where to go next time we need to cool off….

Restaurants, food trends and London hotspots

Loose Ends interviews: Laura Millar

We’ve got a change in direction for our blog this time, folks! Last week, I met the lovely Laura Millar – award-winning journalist and restaurant reviewer at The Metro – to get her insight on all things food, trends and city hotspots!   Ellie: Hi Laura, it’s so nice to meet you! Shall we start…

Choosing A Restaurant In London To Suit Any Occasion

When we’re choosing a restaurant in London, it’s often not because we’re on the hunt for somewhere to go to dinner but to mark some other occasion. Whether it’s a birthday, a first date or even a business meeting, these events often take place at a restaurant table. Naturally, the same restaurant may not be…

How Much Eating Out Is Too Much?

How Much Eating Out Is Too Much?

How much eating out is too much? That depends. We all know someone with ‘hollow legs’, who’ll happily demolish a multi-course tasting menu at lunchtime, then chirpily enquire about teatime crumpets (with honey and butter, of course) come 4 o’clock.

My Old Place northern Chinese restaurant

My Old Place, E1: Hearty Northern Chinese

By Peng Hui Lee, Eastender in more ways than one (east end of London, east end of the planet). My Old Place is a busy, bustling restaurant close to Liverpool Street, serving food from northern China. It’s totally different from your usual Chinese takeaway. The dishes are highly seasoned, often spicy (with chilli), and they’re delicious….

Burro e Salvia - Exterior Shot

Burro e Salvia, E2: Pasta Made Perfect

By Lynn Reynolds, writer: longtime EastEnder, sometime Bermondseyite. Anyone who knows me also knows I’m routinely underwhelmed by Italian restaurants, so when I say that Burro e Salvia is well worth a visit, consider it high praise indeed. Peek through the cute chicken-and-egg window displays and you’ll see skilled artisans making fabulous fresh pasta, but…

Goodman's Field - Interior With Blue Tiles

Goodman’s Field, E1: Something For Everyone

By Lynn Reynolds, writer: longtime EastEnder, sometime Bermondseyite. It’s ironic that in my part of the east end of London, fish and chips is so hard to find. That’s why I’m glad that Goodman’s Field, my local (and newly refurbished) JD Wetherspoon’s pub, does such a reliably satisfying version. Fish is always a thick, juicy…

Yuu Kitchen

Yuu Kitchen, E1: Asia-Pacific Manga

By Peng Hui Lee, Eastender in more ways than one (east end of London, east end of the planet) This lively bar and restaurant on Commercial Street serves delicious small plates with flavours inspired by Southeast Asia and the Pacific Rim. We ordered crispy soft shell crab bao (Taiwanese steamed bun sandwiches), Satay tofu, salt and pepper…

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