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Are online relationships really second best?

Are Online Relationships Really Second Best?

Have you seen the 2013 movie Her? It’s a touching romance starring Joaquin Phoenix as Theodore, a writer who falls in love with Samantha, an intelligent operating system voiced by Scarlett Johansson. As we watch, we follow Theodore and Samantha through an intense period of getting to know each other, of consummating their relationship, and…

New technology needs a new etiquette

Got a New Technology? You Need a New Etiquette

Any new technology causes chaos, at least for a while. Think of the motor car: the first real motor vehicles appeared in the early 19th century, and there was an immediate free-for-all on the roads. In the UK, this craziness continued until the Locomotive Acts of the 1860s, which ushered in the beginnings of vehicle…

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